Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leaving Urumqi


(Millie in the hotel in Urumqi Thursday morning)

Wednesday evening, Lisa commented that we had just seen a different child.  Millie was in one of the most pleasant moods and we sat around in the hotel just laughing and playing.  She seems to be getting much more comfortable with us.  

On Thursday, our last full day in Urumqi, we went to the International Bazaar.  It is a big Uygher market where they sell all kinds of jewelry, rugs, clothes, knives, nuts, and raisins.  We were expecting it to be busy but is was just right and we found it to be really interesting.  Our guide rushed us a little because she needed to pick up Millie's passport at the end of the day. 

(at the International Bazaar)

On Friday we left Urumqi among tight security as a flight the day before from Beijing to Urumqi was diverted because of a bomb scare.  Our guide got us there several hours early just to be safe.  We were about ready to leave Urumqi behind so we didn't mind.  Millie loved sitting at the airport watching planes go by.  She got really excited when she could see them rotate and take off.  She was pretty cool on the plane until the pilot banked just shortly after takeoff and she saw the ground whizzing by below us.  That kind of spooked her for a little bit.  Fortunately, lunch is always a favorite and she scarfed down some noodles. 

At the Urumqi Airport

 (Millie, striking up a conversation with a cleaning lady! Showing her pictures of her family back home :))

She was pretty good on the 5-hour flight to Guangzhou until we started descending at which time she freaked a little again.  Hopefully, she will be old hat by the next time we fly, which will be home.  

We got to Guangzhou and were pleasantly surprised by how nice the Garden Hotel is in person.  It looked nice but it is really something else plus they put us in a suite which is, well, Sweet.  The Trade Fair is going on in Guangzhou so the city is crazy with people from all over the world.  

On Friday, we knocked out the medical appointment and the US visa picture.  We were able to walk around Shamian Island and stroll through the streets and do a little shopping.  It's a little slower with the White Swan closed for renovations but still a cool place.  We'll be back there on Monday to have Millie's TB test read and do some more shopping.  

On Sunday, we're headed to the zoo for a few hours and will basically just look around the hotel area, which is full of shops. 
(there were apples on the living room table at The Garden) 
 (this is what happens when Millie gets her head wet!)
 (at the medical clinic on Shamian Island)
 Millie continues to be a great kid.  She is occasionally moody but is really good the majority of the time.  She says hi to everyone and strikes up all kinds of conversations to anyone speaking Chinese.  We're learning a few more words to try to communicate.  We see the typical two year old on occasion but we can usually get through that pretty quickly. 

 Apparently she likes Taylor Swift as she started singing and dancing when one of her videos came on TV today.  She is a really good impersonator and mimics all kinds of words and actions.  We had Pizza in an Italian restaurant and she watched both of us eat our pizza so she would know how to do it.  She continues to eat everything in sight.  We love to sit and play with her and she loves to make us laugh.  So far tickle spots and funny faces are working for us.
 (lunch at the Thai restaurant)
 (walking around the area by the hotel)
(Playground at the hotel)

That's all for now.  Thanks for your continued comments, emails, and prayers.  We feel blessed so far.

Don and Lisa and Millie


Vicki said...

What an absolutely precious little girl!! Praying that your journey with Millie Mei continues to go smoothly. Panda Hugs! Vicki in WA

Elissa said...

Happy Saturday morning to me!!! So excited about this update. Millie seems to be doing so well! Thank you, Jesus!

Jenn said...

Yayyyy!!! More pics!!! And everything sounds like it's going great!!! Keeping you in my prayers!!


Heather said...

It made me cry to see her in your arms, Lis. So happy for you...she is precious in every way and every bit as enchanting as I knew she would be. Prayers for continued bonding and safe travels. Much love to you all and hugs to Lindy Lou!!


Football and Fried Rice said...

she sounds sweet & busy! I love that she will talk to other people in Chinese! I hope you are video taping that! I sure hope that the flight home is uneventful :)

I cant wait to see those two girls of yours together!!

Gail said...

Congrats to you Lisa! She's just precious, and everything sounds like it's going well.

DiJo said...

So happy to hear you are at the beautiful Garden!!! And, so fun to see so many pics of Millie. She is just beautiful!!! It sounds like she is doing so well. Does it feel like just one week? Soon you will be home, and Lindy will be teaching her everything!!!!

Hugs from MN!