Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Doing the happy dance

Hooray! Amy emailed the homestudy for our review yesterday. We looked it over, sent back a few minor corrections, and hopefully she'll make the edits pronto.

Every moment counts, so we don't want to waste any time.

Not much else to report...Just hoping to forge ahead.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Two steps forward

We are happy to announce last Thursday we made some progress on the adoption front!

First, we entertained our social worker, Amy Curtis, for our homestudy. We first met Amy back on December 15, 2004. Back then we answered about four hours worth of questions about our life together, our families, our childhood, our hopes, dreams, and expectations. It was the most intimate and frank conversation we'd ever had with a "stranger."

This time, Amy only had a few questions for us and we just provided her with updated information about our finances, health, and families. It was a snap. To make things even better, Lindy was on near perfect behavior. What a relief!

After the homestudy, we darted off to the main police station in downtown San Antonio to get our criminal background checks. I was kind of dreading this...Last time when we explained what we needed and why the clerk looked at us like we were speaking a foreign language. Surely, we weren't the first couple to ever adopt in San Antonio and require a pretty simple document. From the looks we got, you would have thought we were. This time, however, there were no weird looks, no odd questions, and amazingly it was a seamless transaction.

We have a few more things to assemble for the dossier but the completed homestudy is the key to being able to move forward with some big steps of the process. Please pray we get it back for review from Amy very soon!

There may not be a lot of updates on this blog but please know we truly appreciate your comments, prayers, and encouragement as we travel this very long road.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Movin' along...

Yesterday we got a call from Amy, a Gladney social worker, to schedule our homestudy. She's flying in from Forth Worth on June 21st to come visit us. Yea!!! Amy completed our first homestudy when we were doing the paperwork for Lindy and we loved her! She made us feel so comfortable with the process and even gave accounts of visiting with people who had barn animals inside the home.

The homestudy is a big part of the process and once it is complete, we'll be able to work on the other vital components of our dossier.

Progress is being made. It may be at a snail's pace but slowly but surely it will all come together so that we can one day bring mei mei home.