Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting our I-171H notarized

The day after we received our I-171H, we went to our special friend, Trina's, house. She is a notary public and we were blessed to have her notarize this important document.
Here she is in action...

Thank you soooo much, Trina. We love you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy mail day

For several days now Lindy and I have been trekking our way to the cluster mailbox in hopes of a receiving a very special envelope. Today Lindy was still down napping and I went out there by myself. I prayed really hard on the short walk that it would be in there and today would be the day. I even forgot it was Tuesday and how Tuesday's mail is usually the WORST--all junk.

To my delight, a big yellow envelope was stuffed in there. I tore it open and sure enough it was our I-171H. This document is the key to finishing our dossier.

Thanks to anyone who has prayed for this document to arrive. All the terminology might not mean a thing to you, but your prayers mean the world to us.

Don, Lisa, and Lindy