Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Tuesday was a pretty relaxing day here.  In the morning, we just ate breakfast in the hotel and tried to load up on a few of the known foods - eggs, toast, noodles, and juices.  Most of the breakfast buffet is unknown quantities which we try to limit since you never know what type of bathroom will be around if you need it.  We walked around near the hotel which is quite an unusual experience.  Around the corner is a street full of vendors and lots of people.  There are a lot of Uyghers who bring out little grills and fire up roasted corn, meats, and all kinds of things.  We usually draw lots of stares and comments which we have no idea what they are saying. 

In the afternoon we went to the Provincial Museum which details the history of Western China.  Urumqi is along the Silk Road so that brings lots of things. The nearby desert preserved quite a few mummies dating back 2000-3000 years which were found recently.

Millie was a trooper.  She is still pretty headstrong so it's a little bit of a battle trying to manage behavior when all eyes are on you. She seems to be afraid of men and shopping carts and screamed her head off when we rinsed her hair during her bath.  We later found out that those are three things the nannies told us she didn't like.
Since Daddy is a man we're still trying to work our in.  We also found out that the girl can shovel the food in.  She can handle a fork as well as chop sticks but pretty much likes to put her mouth near her plate and shove it in.  We'll definitely have to limit her so she doesn't overeat.  Bedtime has gone well and she goes to sleep within about 15-30 minutes of going down.

Wednesday we are headed to visit the Orphanage and try to find out more about Millie.  Hopefully we'll get lots of info.  Thanks for all your prayers and notes.


Kate said...

So glad things are going okay. Pretty much sounds like it is going as expected. One day...when you all know each other, you will remember these early days with a chuckle...or maybe just immense relief that they are behind you. Do not worry about the comments...perhaps..."lucky baby"!

Is Millie in a crib...or does she sleep with you???

It sounds like you have a healthy and spirited little girl! So so happy for you all.


mom2three said...

so glad to hear everything is going well Lisa! Looking forward to more stories and sweet pictures :)

Praying for you three.

If you see a neat instrument that is transportable and small, can you grab it and I will pay you for it? Isaw some on Kristi's blog when they were in Urumqi :)

Zai Jian!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh they have to endure so much, breaks my heart. Praying for you all and for your visit to the orphanage.Love ya'll!

P.S. Lottie was not a Daddy fan either. It just took time and now he can barely work at his desk without Lottie asking him 5 million questions and giving him cuddles:)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Sounds like things are going well! It just takes time to figure out their personalities and see how we can mesh together :) I can't wait to see the girls together - Lindy will teach Millie so much!

Jodee said...

Congratulations! Millie is just adorable!