Monday, October 10, 2011

Gotcha Day

Well we have Millie.  I know everyone just wants to see pictures but we are using the hotel business center and our picture resolution is too hi to upload.  I'll change the settings in one camera and get some photos uploaded soon.

We went to the Provincial center on Monday at aout 10:30.  As we drove up a lady from the  orphanage was also arriving with Millie so we got to see her right away and ride with her in the elevator up to the ninth floor.  She knew we were mama and baba as she had seen the picture book we sent.  She was beautiful and was in pretty good spirits.  She allowed Lisa to hold her but was afraid of Don.  She has a little temper and will let you know when she isn't happy although she doesn't fight too long and chills out pretty quickly.  She is quite a talker, is very determined when she wants to see something, and is very neat and orderly.  She is potty trained which is nice but she will only tell you she needs to go so we quickly had to learn to recognize that Chinese phrase. 

Overall the day was long as we completed all adoption paperwork and applied for her passport.  Now we get to relax for a few days, bond with her, and wait for passport pickup on Friday in order to head to Guangzhou.  Today (Tuesday) we are relaxing at the hotel and then going out this afternoon to tour a museum.  Urumqi is a very interesting place with all the various cultures. 

Thanks for all the emails.  I'm assuming there are some
blog comments but Blogger seems to be blocked here.  Off to work on smaller pictures.



The Byrd's Nest said...

Yay for Millie Day! I'm so happy for your family:) Be safe and we are praying for the rest of your trip!

Cristie said...

SOOO excited to hear you are a family! I've been watching and waiting for that post. We can't wait to see photos ... she sounds just precious! Praying you through the rest of your trip! Hugs from Texas!

Elissa said...

Hoooooray, hooray!!! So glad to hear that she seems to be doing so well so far. Cannot WAIT for pictures!!!!!

Praying you home,


Football and Fried Rice said...


Lol :)

Happy Gotcha Day! So glad to hear Millie can have a temper - she is going to have to hold her own with a big sister in the house!

Sue said...

Doing Happy dances! I am so very happy for the whole family! It's about time!!! Now the entire wait come become a distant memory as you create wonderful new memories with your newest princess.

Kate said...

I am so so happy for you all. That moment when you could see Millie...and hold her and touch her. I have been praying fervently. But all are KILLING me with no photos!!!

My Lia has added Lindy to her prayer list...and now knows all about her (as much as I know). We are all so encouraged by your journey as we make final preparations...and our thoughts and prayers are with you all now...and through your journey home.


Cooking Up Faith said...

Can't wait to see the pics!! Sounds like a newborn - they will let you know what they what!! :) Congratulations!

TanyaLea said...

Yeah!!! :) Happy Millie Day! SO SO SO happy for you and cannot wait to see photos, but even more just excited that you finally have your baby girl in your arms. I bet she is even more beautiful in person!! Enjoy this time of bonding with your daughter and have a blessed week!

Congrats and God bless each of you!