Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The application is complete...we think

Today Don left the house with an extra special package--the completed application for mei mei. He will be sending this to our agency in New York City today and it should be in their hands sometime this week.

While this is a big milestone, the application is just the beginning of the paperwork we need to complete. It included financial statements, birth certificates, our marriage certificate, medical exams, proof of health insurance, reference letters, pictures of our house and family, criminal records, among other documents and a big fat check.

Some people ask will the process be easier or quicker because we've done this before? No, no, no. We do everything from scratch. It may be a touch easier because we are familiar with the process; however, things change so we don't want to get lax when completing the paperwork. Attention to detail is CRITICAL!

Now what??? We wait to get approved and hopefully our homestudy will be scheduled within the next few weeks. In the meantime we hope we can begin knocking out other paperwork for the dossier which is the packet of paperwork that will eventually be sent to China.

A big thank you to our dear friend, John Skipworth, for coming to our doctor's office yesterday, enduring the almost 90 minute wait, and notarizing a big stack of documents. We can't thank you enough for your help and flexibility.

We'll keep adding updates as we hit milestones...Thanks for praying for us as we race to get everything completed.


Julie said...

Congrats on this milestone. We are excited and praying for you!

Jill said...

We are so excited for you, and know that God is choosing the perfect addition to your family!

Jaime said...

Whew...I bet it feels so good to get that off. I love the sonogram picture from the previous post! You guys are going to be great parents...all over again!

David Caples said...

I am so pleased that you are starting out on a new journey. The Journey to Lindy was long and the wait was a true test of patience. This journey will probably be even longer and require even greater patience. But, look at the wonderful outcome of your first journey. I feel very confident that we will all feel the same when The Journey to Mei Mei is complete.

With love,

Dad (and future Papa)

myra said...

So exciting! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Zita said...

Thanks for writing this.