Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August swap

My monthly gift swap gifts arrived a few days ago. This month's theme was "Nursery." Well, I probably didn't give Heather much to go on as I have NO idea what mei mei's nursery will look like. I am not even sure which room she'll be living in. However, despite the fact that I didn't give any clues, Heather really blessed us!

First, one must love the pink, purple, and polka-dotted paper! I think I even have that same paper! I also loved the flocked or is it fleeced cherry blossom note card she sent--so pretty...

Here are the goodies she sent...

A precious shabby chic pink frame...Can't wait to see mei mei's face in there!!!

A wonderful pink crib sheet.
I'm pretty sure baby girl pink will be in the nursery no matter what.

A sweet bedtime book.
Ironically, I sent this to one of my swap buddies earlier.

Ballerina stickers for Lindy! So thoughtful!

Thank you, Heather, for blessing our family!


myra said...

What fun to get goodies every month. And I'm so glad you still update this blog. It's great to know that things are in the works for Mei-Mei. Praying that she comes home soon!

Chris and Deb said...

What sweet gifts for Lindy's Mei Mei! How exciting to be adopting from Taiwan! We knew someone that just got home a few weeks ago with a baby girl from there! She is such a cutie....and I think the whole process was so smooth for them...except for the minor inconveniences during the monsoons!

Thanks for the well wishes on our referral! It certainly has been a long I am starting to wake each day wondering if this is the "one"!

Hope you have a great week!