Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making it feel real

"All children come from God, for some the journey home just takes a little longer. "
Author Unknown

During the holidays we received a couple of packages for our next little girl. These expressions of generosity made this adoption feel more "real."

Here Lindy is showing off a fun toy for her mei mei.

We also got a fantastic box of some darling next to new clothes from a special friend of mine. It was so much fun unwrapping each piece and dreaming of our next daughter wearing them.

Thank you, friends, for your thoughtfulness!


Jenn said...

How sweet of your friends to send you things for Lindy's mei mei! Yes it does feel real when you get her things. I bought Karleigh Mei some clothes that were clearanced next to nothing at Target....and when Karl saw them he said, "We really ARE adopting!". :o)

Heather said...

It does feel more real when the baby's things permeate the home...mei mei will be so very blessed. It's almost three months isn't it??? I pray everyday for your sweet baby.


Lexie said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see Lindy's mei mei in those clothes! Yes, it really is happening! :0)!

Maura's 玠玠 said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciated your comment! I love all your blogs. Lindy is so precious and I cannot wait to see the new mei mei. It is a small world indeed!
God Bless,
Jie Jie to Maura Xiao Mei

The West's said...

so much fun!

you da mom! said...

there is a wonderful book called "my mei mei" by ed young that is about a family who flies to china to adopt a baby girl. do you know it? anyway, if i were at your baby shower, that's probably what i would have given you! good luck. i'll definitely be checking back to see pictures!

Marie said...

Just curious, are you teaching Lindy Chinese? We want to teach our kids Chinese and are looking into the options.

I love your blog layout, very pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you back!

Linette said...

It really does make it seem more real! How thoughtful of your friends to send gifts. Your next daughter will be with you in God's perfect timing. I pray every day that God would give us a miracle and our babies would be here sooner than we imagine. Wouldn't that be awesome! :)

Danielle said...

I couldn't send something for Lindy and not her little sister. :)

I hope she has fun with that toy.