Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another month down

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Back when we started the process to bring Lindy home, we thought three months would be the halfway point until we received our referral; however, that was not the case.

I can't even begin to speculate how much longer we have to go. All I know is that each day is one day closer until we have another daughter.

Please pray big prayers for us. While you are praying, please pray for the people of China who have been devastated by snow and ice the past few days. Imagine a nor'easter hitting Cancun. Orphanages are operating without electricity, water, and are running out of basic supplies. Having seen a glimpse inside a "premier" orphanage, I cannot imagine the scene inside the orphanages given these severe situations. For us, it is heartwrenching...

If you're checking this blog from time to time, thank you! You are an encouragement to us.